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Why Do Companies Hire on Third-Party Payroll?

While most operators would suggest that salaries and payments are the business’s strategic components since it populates the Sales, General & Administrative line item, a significant portion of businesses across the globe outsource it to third-party service providers. As per a Deloitte survey, 24%-27% of firms across

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Duties and Responsibilities of Payroll Administrator

Payroll administrators play a critical role in the HR department of every company – they are responsible for ensuring that all the employees within the organization are getting paid accurately and punctually. These professionals oversee all the processes attached to the payroll systems of the company. From

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Open Source Payroll Software

Payroll software is a holistic payment system that is associated with employment tax filing and payment. Spreadsheets have been the norm for managing a payroll but it doesn’t exact on precision. According to research conducted, 88% of spreadsheets contain human-made errors.  An open HRMS Payroll can streamline

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Top 10 payroll components

Payroll is essentially defined as a combination of a list of qualified employees, eligible for payment, and the total amount that the employer has to pay his employees. It is a critical step in reimbursing employees for the time and work they put in for the organization.

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What is payroll cycle and types of payroll cycle

Payroll cycle is the list of tasks performed while processing payrolls when we pay employees for a set period or on a given date. It can be the regular payment that is done regularly for the current period salary or hourly Calculation along with Off Cycle payroll,

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2 Minutes Checklist for Choosing the Right Payroll Software

In the last few years, many organizations, big and small, across segments have made a shift in their HR tools to make their processes more efficient. The trend is to move from spreadsheet-based payroll to cloud payroll solution. There are several benefits such as anytime-anywhere access, ease of

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3 Tips to Control Employee Attrition

The efficiency of any company is primarily defined by its employees, but it takes a hit when the attrition rate or the employee turnover of a company is leaning towards a higher value. These measurements are the basic metrics a company considers to validate their recruitment efforts. 

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Glossary of 100+ Payroll Terms in India

This payroll terms glossary contains the most comprehensive collection of definitions of various payroll terms & compliance terms on the internet. Basic payroll terms such as types of salary components & leaves have been explained in the beginning and as you keep reading, you’ll see advanced payroll

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A Quick Guide to Leave Rules in India

Many business owners are unaware that leave management is an integral part of payroll and compliance.  They are under the mistaken impression that leaves are given to employees more from a good HR practice rather than a legal compulsion. Giving leaves to employees is not only a good HR

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