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How to motivate employees?

Every Monday, your employees or workforce comes to the office to work and add value to your company. If your employees have the same routine every week, the work tends to get monotonous, and they might get demotivated. Every manager struggles from time to time to keep their team members motivated, and experienced managers understand […]

5 ways HR can improve work–life balance in the workplace

Did you know most health concerns come from a disturbed work–life balance? Thus, balancing work and personal life is important to staying more productive while developing meaningful relationships and nurturing the ones we already have. But, with the pandemic, the dynamic has shifted. Unfortunately, for some employees, it’s an unending cycle of burnout and stress […]

7 ways to prioritize employee health in 2023

Every year presents fresh prospects for workforce assistance. To promote a healthier workplace, businesses are investing in wellness initiatives. The recent economic downturn, widespread layoffs, and other cost-cutting measures have heightened the importance of worker health. Workplace well-being is the physical and mental health effects of one’s duties, stress, and work environment. Well-being extends beyond […]

Top 10 qualities of successful entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs take risks and make decisions instead of working for someone else. Entrepreneurship is one of the most critical skills a person can have to build their career in today’s society. It allows you to be your boss and work on projects that you are passionate about. If you want to start a business, then […]

How artificial intelligence is shaping the future of human resource management?

A lot has changed over the past years regarding how people and companies work. Human resource is under intense pressure to cope with the latest industry innovations and transformations. Moreover, this is the period of reinventing HR to control people and businesses with technology and automate tasks. As work nature evolves with technological infiltration, boundaries […]

Why emotional intelligence is the key to a successful career?

Emotional intelligence is the capacity to identify, regulate, and respond to one’s own and other people’s emotions. EQ enhances relationships, stress management, dispute resolution, and job satisfaction. EI increases team effectiveness and retention. Companies prefer to promote and hire individuals with a high EQ. In business, emotional intelligence is essential since we also examine a […]

5 tips to develop a great employee experience strategy

The employee experience has a wide meaning, and it includes all interactions an employee has with an employer. Besides, it is one of the most valuable investments that a manager can make. A healthy employee experience plan can improve an organization’s overall performance. In today’s market, companies cannot provide a great employee experience by just […]

How to create a paperless HR department?

HR function involves all sorts of paperwork concerning the employees and clients. This may include records of current and past employees, legal contracts, payroll details, and the like. However, paperwork comes with a lot of inconveniences apart from being an unsustainable mode of working. Keeping and organizing records can be quite a hassle since misplacing […]

How to help your employees in efficient tax planning?

Saving taxes can be hard for employees if not planned smartly. The first thing in a job that employees look for is, Cost to Company (CTC). Employees often end up structuring salary the wrong way to get a higher CTC. While a higher CTC provides employees financial stability, informing them about the benefits of a […]

HR priorities in the times of a pandemic

2020 was the year that undoubtedly will stand out in the history of humanity. Since the very outbreak of the pandemic, almost every country, society, and industry has been adversely impacted. Businesses are the worst affected not only on account of disruption in the demand and the supply chain but also because of worries over […]