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How automating HR will benefit your business

Automation is taking business by the cusp. From workflow to profit, automation is proving itself highly beneficial and valued. Seeing it play a key role, it assures employees get time, where they can solely focus on tasks that are challenging and need human intervention, not everyday clerical work which can easily be handed on to technology. Automation proves to be of great advantage to HR.

Elimination of tedious and repetitive tasks have two major impacts. The human mind isn’t challenged enough when given one task to do day in and out. For e.g. maintaining documentation and attendance should not be on the agenda for an HR every day.

Clerical work might be very low on the priority list but can consume huge chunks of time. Automation solves these two problems in one stroke. It declutters daily schedules, allowing time and space for major tasks. This redirects their expertise from operations to strategy.

Another reason automation can do wonders for the HR department is that nearly 40% of companies are using some form of AI in HR alone. So, if you have taken a step as a business to turn digital, automation of HR should be the first step. Let’s discuss how HR can benefit your business into a successful one!

1. Cost Reduction 

We have been talking about how HR’s time is occupied by petty but exhaustive tasks that are taking their focus from employee experience. The time consumed by these day-to-day tasks takes around 12 hours a day and 1/3rd of their time which they spend in the office. Automation will make their schedule comparatively lighter and will save 67% of HR time to use for other key tasks. This will enable them to focus on business strategy, employee retention, and happiness.

Why is employee retention so important? Well, approximately 11 billion dollars are spent due to employee turnover. Keeping the employees happy and the office environment healthy will reduce employee turnover and save the company dollars!

When it comes to simplified processes, HR will be immensely relieved with 24/7 chatbot HR software that assists the employee with everyday necessities for which they earlier approached the HR directly but now they are solved at their own desktop!


2. Protection of Data

Due to negligence and improper data management, 94% of companies lose data that is unrecoverable. Data is money in this age and it’s the most valuable asset of any company after their employees. If not automated, Human error and mishandling are common hazards of data management. So, automating will save data in the cloud and there will be no tension of data loss or damage which can save the business money, time and protect invaluable company data at all costs.


3. Productivity boost

We have talked about how HR software is beneficial in saving time, easing the workload and efficient data management as well as security. But it also boosts productivity. Human error and paperwork not only takes time but dampens productivity. A survey by McKinsey Global Institute estimates that 56% of all tasks could be automated and will help in making space in their schedules. The entire HR department benefits as  45 per cent of repetitive work that need automation, gets done in a jiffy. 


4. Simplified Tech Processes

Keeping aside data security and assemblage, HRs are responsible for making the data accessible as well. With applications that take away the stress of micro-managing the data and handing it out to the senior management when necessary, it makes the data powerful and useful at the time of need because of the availability of data at all times.


5. Branch to Branch Uniformity 

Does it dawn upon you about how magnanimous of a task it would be for multinational companies to keep up records and have the consistency of human resources? If carefully selected and given training in, HRMs are found useful in providing those consistencies to big enterprises across branches with a central cloud that gives access to the senior management any information at any given point of time.


Businesses are becoming smarter with each technological advancement our generation is enabling us with. We can’t have any more separate gadgets or software which is constantly making working exciting and easier. Not to forget to mention, efficiency is also one of them. If it is rendering different departments speed and productivity, it’s a fair and wise investment on the companies’ part.

Competency of HR shapes the future of business and is not be taken lightly. An initial fear or hesitation have been about HR automation endangering the workforce that works in this department but now they have realized that this is the boon to their existence and their profile, it will widen their scope of work and direct them to other tasks that will be beneficial to the company because HR is that one domain which is agile and ever-growing with a potential that can add value to businesses. 


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