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Top 10 ways to create a transparent work culture

One of the most common core skills of companies these days is to “Be Open.” Now, being open doesn’t have to be about discussing the internal matters of the business environment, but, it means that the internal management and the employees are honest with each other. Interestingly,

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6 steps to create an agile HR function

In modern times, more than the technical or functional parameters, it has become important to navigate within an organization. This implies the ability to get efficient work done within a limited time by people who are a part of the company.   However, this is an often ignored

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Should you track your employees’ time?

The contribution of the employees has a significant role in propelling the profitability of your company. Keeping a tab on when your employees are checking in and what time they are leaving for home is essential, but challenging if done manually. It can be messy and quite

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Will HR outsourcing increase or decrease post Covid?

This ongoing COVID-19 crisis has adversely affected the life of every living soul on this planet. This pandemic drastically transformed the job market scenario where many people are jobless, and the maximum of the remaining workforce is bound to do remote work. HR outsourcing is the best

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How automating HR will benefit your business

Automation is taking business by the cusp. From workflow to profit, automation is proving itself highly beneficial and valued. Seeing it play a key role, it assures employees get time, where they can solely focus on tasks that are challenging and need human intervention, not everyday clerical

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What are payroll deductions and the top 9 payroll deductions?

Payroll deductions, simply put, refers to the monetary amount the employer deducts from the employee’s salary every month. These deductions can either be voluntary, as is the case with insurance and other benefits, or involuntary. The employer withholds a certain percentage of the employees’ paycheck every month

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Top 5 payroll management courses

Effective management of HR function establishes the success of an organization. The HR functions as a key to meet strategic goals of an organisation. But for that to be operated smoothly, Online Payroll Management Course can help employees have an understanding of the norms of operating payroll

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Payroll audit checklist

For the majority of businesses, payroll accounts for around 15-30% of the revenue and it’s processing could probably be the most important duties of an employer. It presents plenty of challenges for the payroll professionals. As, small mistakes can result in pretty dire consequences including but not

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Tips for onboarding employees in a virtual environment

Recruitment, onboarding, and training are critical procedures for any growing company. Hiring fresh talent and acclimatizing them to the company processes and culture is a monumental task in itself. With the rapid transition to remote working, the process of onboarding has become more important than ever.  Traditional

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10 Benefits of the Cloud-Based HR System

Introduction As the business world is changing by the day, HR is changing as well. In the past decade, cloud software has indeed gone from “good to have” to a critical tool for all HR teams. This in fact may be the most significant technological development in

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