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Payroll audit checklist

For the majority of businesses, payroll accounts for around 15-30% of the revenue and it’s processing could probably be the most important duties of an employer. It presents plenty of challenges for the payroll professionals. As, small mistakes can result in pretty dire consequences including but not

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Tips for onboarding employees in a virtual environment

Recruitment, onboarding, and training are critical procedures for any growing company. Hiring fresh talent and acclimatizing them to the company processes and culture is a monumental task in itself. With the rapid transition to remote working, the process of onboarding has become more important than ever.  Traditional

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10 Benefits of the Cloud-Based HR System

Introduction As the business world is changing by the day, HR is changing as well. In the past decade, cloud software has indeed gone from “good to have” to a critical tool for all HR teams. This in fact may be the most significant technological development in

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How to Deal with Employee Frustration at the Workplace?

Harmony at the workplace is vital for the efficient running of the business. It helps in working towards the common goal. Employees are the backbone of an organization and help achieve the goal. A business should strive to keep employees happy and stress-free. Frustration at the workplace

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Top 5 Reasons to Outsource Payroll

With the influx of global uncertainties and fluctuating economic conditions, businesses are always on the lookout for ways to streamline their administrative procedures, while also remaining cost-effective at the same time.  Such is the reason why it is always recommended for organizations to outsource their non-core and

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Why Do Companies Hire on Third-Party Payroll?

While most operators would suggest that salaries and payments are the business’s strategic components since it populates the Sales, General & Administrative line item, a significant portion of businesses across the globe outsource it to third-party service providers. As per a Deloitte survey, 24%-27% of firms across

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Duties and Responsibilities of Payroll Administrator

Payroll administrators play a critical role in the HR department of every company – they are responsible for ensuring that all the employees within the organization are getting paid accurately and punctually. These professionals oversee all the processes attached to the payroll systems of the company. From

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Top 10 payroll components

Payroll is essentially defined as a combination of a list of qualified employees, eligible for payment, and the total amount that the employer has to pay his employees. It is a critical step in reimbursing employees for the time and work they put in for the organization.

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What is payroll cycle and types of payroll cycle

Payroll cycle is the list of tasks performed while processing payrolls when we pay employees for a set period or on a given date. It can be the regular payment that is done regularly for the current period salary or hourly Calculation along with Off Cycle payroll,

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