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Top 10 ways to create a transparent work culture

One of the most common core skills of companies these days is to “Be Open.” Now, being open doesn’t have to be about discussing the internal matters of the business environment, but, it means that the internal management and the employees are honest with each other. Interestingly, 90% of workers like working with a company that believes in the culture of being open and providing feedback.

Having an open working environment means that your teammates and managers have intentions to help you excel in your working environment and induce a working environment where every employee is celebrated. 

Recently, it was noted that 44% of employees were not entirely satisfied with their companies as they were not active in working over feedback and we’re already looking for new jobs. On the contrary, some 28% of employees found their companies to be working actively on feedback and are said to stay in the company for a longer period. 

Now, we ask you, is your organization working on a transparent work culture?

If no, listed below are some suggestions.


Ten ways to create a transparent work culture


1. Begin the transition by being transparent with your project teams:

The essence of beginning the process of transparency lies in the smallest steps. To start with, you can practise openness with your team. 

You can start by being honest about the fact that you don’t know the solution to a problem that you haven’t expressed earlier. You could also begin by being transparent about the workload with your team and telling them about the output you expect from them. 

2. Explain your decisions, and invite your team to listen to you, be open to feedback:

It is a prevalent scenario; you feel important when you are involved. You could follow the same to induce transparency in your working environment. 

We advise you to be open about discussions around the project and talk to your team about the plan that you have thought of to lead the project. Besides that, make your employees feel involved and ask for their opinion on the project. Different insights will help you better.


3. Develop transparent work processes:

Transparency will not only be when you are open about the projects. It’ll also follow when you are engaging your team with a specific task. You should focus on making collaborative study transparent in their approach. 

You can do so by giving your employees the details on a shared project location and allow equal distribution of work across the management cycle.

4. Stay honest with your co-workers:

Safety is the key to imbibing transparency in your working environment. Once you start being honest and supportive about the different opinions that your teammates have on a project, they can easily trust you to give and receive feedback from the same.

Moreover, expressing and sharing vital information about core management can be a great start to induce the process of trust. 

5. Socialise with your team:

While socialising around the work desks is essential, it is vital to becoming friends outside that as well. Yes, it is crucial to building friendship and transparency across the team. 74% of employees are ready to leave the company if their best friend goes. 

You can begin this with simple steps such as going to lunch together or keeping such outings once a month. Taking some time off to learn about the family of your co-worker’s can also be great.

6. Use a common platform:

The use of common platforms is another right way to induce transparency in your organizations. Using a shared platform not only provides a simple way to keep up on communication with your team, but it also helps keep accountability of the overall work that happens in the project.

You can consider using specific tools that will help you imbibe transparency besides improving the rate of output that is generated via operations. 


7. Show your results to the team:

One of the best ways to build transparency is to share the results that you have achieved with your team. 

Creating a scenario where you can share your results helps you and your employees focus on the wins and losses. Sharing your wins make your team reliable and more vital.


8. Ask your employees about the information’s that are needed:

You should always focus on sharing your information with the team that you work. Creating systems where you can ask your employees about what is needed and access information to everything are necessary. 96% of employees focus on employee experience.

To avail such provision, we suggest you use a cloud-based project software to have such transparency with the effective functioning. 


9. Focus on keeping up with consistent communication:

Besides meetings and group meetings, keeping up with consistent communications is also necessary. 55% of people leave their jobs if they feel disconnected.  

We suggest you keep up with regular communication via emails, checking the health and other topics about your employees. 

10. Include your remote workers too:

Just like remote working is becoming the norm, you need to keep a track on them as well. You should focus on fostering relations with your remote team as well.

To improve communications and to add transparency with your remote workers, try adding them to your main workflow and give them access to the company-wide platforms.


Suggested above were some of the tips to induce transparency in your working environment. Employees are the essence of any business or company, handle them responsibly!

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