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Paybooks integrates with leading tools that you already use and helps you keep your data across these apps in sync.

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ICICI Bank’s customers can transfer salary to employees’ bank accounts directly from Paybooks payroll software, without any manual work such as uploading payment instruction files, visiting your bank, or preparing cheques.

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Netsuite customers can enjoy the automatic payroll journal posting from Paybooks to Netsuite after the payroll run in Paybooks. The journal is posted when the payroll is locked. 

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Perk Finance

Perk Finance is integrated within Paybooks to offer salary advances and collateral free short term loans to employees. The integration lets employers automatically deduct loan repayments from the salary of employees while running payroll.  

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Paybooks is integrated with Wealthy’s wealth management platform to enable employees to plan and save taxes better. The integration provides an auto recommendation to employees on how much and where they can save on taxes.


Oracle Fusion

Paybooks automatically fetches all data required for payroll & compliance management from Oracle Fusion.

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Paybooks has a deep integration with iLeap, a low code application development platform, to offer creation of custom workflow and apps. The HRMS modules in Paybooks for small businesses are powered by iLeap.

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Zoho People

Zoho People customers can now manage both payroll and HR from a single sign-on. Enable Paybooks payroll application by navigating to control panel -> integration -> services in Zoho People and see the power of integrated payroll and HR.



The attendance data from biometric devices of Securax is automatically synced with Paybooks in real time for salary calculation.