Paybooks Payroll SaaS

Easy to use, Fast & Accurate Salary Processing

Move beyond outdated tools and traditional methods. Embrace the future of payroll with advanced technology, ensuring convenience, time-efficiency, and impeccable accuracy.

Why Choose Paybooks?

Paybooks simplifies and streamlines your payroll process and gets you return on your investment by saving your time, efforts and manual intervention.
A comprehensive solution that simplifies your entire payroll process, minimizes errors, and enhances your overall efficiency.

  • Convenient & Simple: User-friendly interface.

  • Compliance: Updated with all state and national laws.

  • Data Security: Robust encryption to ensure data safety.

We understand Payroll better than anyone and bring you the best solution which integrates with all your other tools and with your Bank to process payout in a single click.
Virtual hr Service
When it comes to Payroll & HR software, Paybooks takes the tape far ahead of any others in the race.
Let’s take a look at the features that make greytHR the only platform you must consider for payroll processing.

  • Highly customisable salary structures

  • Highly configurable payroll engine

  • Unlimited salary components

  • Handles even the most complex use cases

How Does Paybooks Software Work?

Comprehensive payroll solutions under one roof

Employee Convenience with Paybooks SSO

Facilitate a seamless employee experience.

Payslips & Reports

Employees can view pay slips, year to-date salary reports, and Form 16 right from their mobile.

Income tax Planner

Employees can plan and submit tax declarations online and take-home maximum salary.

Leave & Expense Claim

Employees can apply for leaves & expense claims online and managers can approve them with the click of a button.

Attendance Punching

Your employees can report their attendance from their mobile devices and desktops and managers can track it in real time.

Help Desk

Employees can submit all queries through the mobile app and our team will answer them promptly.

Statutory Compliance

Automated compliance calculations and reporting.

Client Support

Multiple channels for immediate query resolution.

Live Chat

Chat with our support team from right inside the product and get your questions answered immediately.


Just dial our number and you will immediately be connected to a human without any wait times.

Help Desk

Find ready answers to all your queries with our knowledge base full of help articles & FAQs and raise tickets

Video Tutorials

Watch short videos made in simple language at your own pace and become an expert in Paybooks in no time.


Get all your doubts cleared and stay updated with all events in the industry with our knowledge packed webinars

Email Support

Just drop an email on our support ID and get immediate response to your query from our awesome support team

Paybooks Values

Core principles that guide our service delivery.


Ensuring precise calculations for reliable payroll


Upholding data confidentiality and integrity.


Continual improvements for a simplified payroll process.

Our Esteemed Clients

Contributing to India’s growth, one company at a time

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Paybooks has been helping companies run 100% complaint payroll for more than 10 years and continues to maintain same level of enthusiasm and the promise of Accuracy, Trust, Innovation while being Reliable, Efficient, Knowledgeable & Approachable.