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HR & Payroll outsourcing services with a magical experience

Paybooks’ experts manage end to end payroll, compliance, HR, and employee life cycle for your business and you and your employees will literally love the experience.

Get complete freedom from payroll and compliance.

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Salary payments

Compliance payments


Employee self service

Payroll & HRMS tools

Lightning fast support

The ‘WOW’ factor

Advanced security

Consulting & training

Your employees receive 100% accurate salaries on time, every time.

When it comes to salary payments, mistakes are just not acceptable and so, we never make any. You have our word on that.

Automated salary calculation

Your payroll runs on our super advanced web-based payroll & HRMS tool. It automatically syncs everything – leave, attendance, income tax, etc. – and calculates 100% accurate salaries every time. That means no errors, ever!

Direct salary payment 

We don’t stop at salary calculation and so, you won’t have to do the cumbersome work of making payments. Your employees (you too 😉) will receive salaries straight in their bank accounts after your approval and you won’t have to lift a finger.

Your business stays 100% compliant with all payroll laws.

Forget laws. Our team of CAs is here for that and our guarantee – No penalties ever! So, you focus on the big things – the things that will truly scale your business.

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All payroll laws covered

We will keep your business compliant with PF, PT, ESI, TDS, Labour Welfare Funds, and any other payroll laws applicable to your business.

Tax filings on time

Our compliance experts make sure that all deductions are done as per latest laws and file compliance reports on various government websites.

Direct compliance payments

We go a step ahead of other payroll outsourcing service providers and even make the final payments for all compliances. So, you can literally forget all laws.

Value added services

Our team can work directly with various government departments on your behalf, register your business for compliances and also offer audit/advisory services.

Your virtual HR is at your service, whenever you need her.

From employee onboarding till exit, the virtual HR manages everything on demand. You will never miss a real HR. Promise!

Instant letter generation

The virtual HR rolls out all letters and forms for various events such as appointment, joining, appraisal, and relieving of employees.

Creation of policies

The virtual HR creates HR policies based on best practices e.g. she can create the best salary structure to save tax for your employees or design an outstanding employee handbook.

You name it, you get it

You need any HR service; you name it, and you get it. Didn’t we say you will never miss a real HR.

Your employees will love the self-service mobile app.

Your employees get 24*7 access to all their information, and you save a ton of time as you no longer get queries about the basic stuff.

Payslips & reports

Employees can view pay slips, year to-date salary reports, and Form 16 right from their mobile.

Leave & expense claims

Employees can apply for leaves & expense claims online and managers can approve them with the click of a button.

Attendance punching

Your employees can report their attendance on the fly by clocking in and out from their mobile devices and desktops.

Income tax planner

Employees can plan and submit tax declarations online and take-home maximum salary.

Entire HR, payroll and employee life cycle automated to perfection.

Your business is managed on our payroll & HRMS suite that runs on cloud and has automates all your processes. has everything that a small and complementary access to our payroll & HRMS suite, and everything gets automated to perfection.

One stop solution

Whether its payroll, time & attendance, recruitment, employee onboarding, exit, performance appraisal, training & development, or compliance, Paybooks automates everything and is the only tool that you will ever need.

Seamless Integrations

Paybooks integrates with the leading accounting and HRMS tools such as Tally, NetSuite, Oracle, Zoho, and more. So, your data across various apps remains in sync. That’s true automation.

Lightning-fast support wherever you want, whenever you want.

Support is the most important part of any service and that’s why we provide the best support that can ever exist.

Onsite support

Need a permanent support partner at your office or want periodic visit during critical events such as year-end tax filings? Sure. We’d love to be with you.

Dedicated account manager

Just dial the number and your dedicated account manager will be on call with you the very next moment. No IVRs, no wait times. Pure bliss.

Help desk for employees

Employees raise tickets from their mobile app and every single query gets answered, promptly.

The WOW factor!

Providing payroll services is one thing. Creating a memorable experience is another. And we guarantee that you’ll love the experience of working with Paybooks. We can bet our life on it.

Get delighted at every touch point.

We are not just a payroll outsourcing company, we are your growth partner. And that’s why we do things that are best for you.

Mind blowing insights with Dashboards

Every insight that helps you in making better decisions for your business is ready for you right there in the form of a dashboard. It’s revolutionary and it saves so much time for you that you can’t stop admiring the beauty of it.

Visual timeline for perfect collaboration

Sending data on emails is old school and very risky. So, you get a dedicated secure login for you, and you have a visual view of timeline for everything that needs to be done by you as well as us. Everybody loves it and things get executed to perfection.

You are the boss

Even though you outsource payroll to us, your entire data is available to you 24*7. Just login with your secure admin account and see how the magic is done.

Your data remains absolutely safe and you stay updated with latest events.

Support is the most important part of any service and that’s why we provide the best support that can ever exist.

Advanced data security

We follow stringent security measures, have certifications such as ISO 27001, GDPR, SOC 2 Type I and Type II and undergo regular vulnerability and penetration tests by independent security firms. 

Regular consulting & training

We believe in sharing knowledge and keep you and your employees updated on all important things with webinars, newsletters, and one-on-one sessions. You need anything or have a doubt, we are your go to person.

Switch between outsourcing / inhouse

Your payroll & compliances are run on our cloud based HRMS. So, whenever you want, you can stop payroll outsourcing services and start managing your payroll & HR inhouse. You just need to tell us, and it will be done instantly. It’s easy. No data migration. No hassles.

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